Dodgy chairs

This isn’t a blog about a chair I know that gets up to dodgy things, but recent encounters we have had here at Lighthouse Safety Training; both onsite Inspections and an accident investigation!

Hands up who has chairs, picnic style table booths or even office furniture? Anyone felt loose bolts or seen a mysterious bolt on the floor?

So what I’ve seen is…

Firstly someone leant back on an office desk, the desk collapsed and the operative landed in a pile on the floor with his hot tea all over him, don’t worry he was ok a little burnt and the butt of all jokes for the rest of the week but ok!

Second where an operative went in the canteen for his lunch and the table and chair came apart, again the operative was ok, both ok so we can find it funny but really this could have been worse so please do give this a thought and check the stability of your equipment.

March 5, 2015 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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