Deaths more likely in the Construction Industry that any other

Out of the 173 persons that died at work in the year 2011/12; 49 were in the Construction Industry, harrowing figures, and concern for anyone directly or indirectly involved in such an incident, not to mention the family and loved ones left behind having to deal with the anguish of bereavement.

Far too often simple steps would have prevented the majority of these deaths, proper planning and management control, along with competent staff and regular training all would have helped.

Let’s not labour on the past, (although we can learn from it); let’s look to the future, and make a concerted effort to improve the way work is planned and conducted; lets communicate more effectively; let’s monitor the actions of those that are at the so called ‘coal face’ to ensure that the planned method is indeed being used and; finally for now, let’s listen and act on any real concerns the workforce may have, being supportive and willing to adapt to make what we do even safer.

Lighthouse Safety Training are here to support your company; not only do we offer a comprehensive suite of training; but our consultation services covers assistance from the tender process to site compliance visits and so much more, call us to discuss your requirements, and together we can help drive down construction fatalities, and win you more work.

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