CSCS Card developments

Workers could soon be able to use their CSCS skills cards to buy food in the site canteen.

A number of major contractors are looking at the move as the CSCS continues to develop the technology surrounding its smart cards.

Smart cards contain a microchip which stores information on qualifications and training courses.

But CSCS development manager Andy Puttock stated that “only a fraction” of the chip’s capacity is being used.

He said: “So much more can be included on the card including developments like loading them-up with money like a pre-paid credit card so sites can become cash free.

Site staff could then use their cards to buy things in the canteen.

We are currently speaking to a number of major contractors about initiatives like this.”

Source: Construction Enquirer

Lighthouse Comments:  The CSCS cards scheme is a fantastic idea, however maybe not executed that fantastically!  Many contractors believe that the CSCS card is for Health and Safety Competence but that is not the case.  The CSCS card displays TRADE competence, Health and Safety is added in to achieve the card but that is only used for achieving awareness.  The fact that CSCS is making steps towards paying for “sarnies” is fantastic news.  CSCS has also looked at making the Smart Card, smartphone compatible, enabling spot checks and tool box talks attendances list.

If you are in need of assistance with any CSCS card related issue please call our knowledgeable team, who can help guide you through the steps needed to achieve your smart card.


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