Construction Deaths Remain High

Recent figures released by the HSE indicate that Construction deaths remain appallingly high and are set to get higher still. Research indicates that the fatalities in 2011/12 were highest in the Midlands, north-west England, eastern England, south-east England and south-west England. There were a total of 49 UK construction fatalities in 2011/12 according to provisional Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures, one fewer than in 2010/11. However, due to the on-going recession and fewer people working in the industry, the number of deaths per 100,000 workers has remained unchanged.


UCATT general secretary Steve Murphy says : ‘It is vital to remember that each of these deaths was an individual tragedy. Construction deaths remain far too high and many of these deaths could have been prevented.’ He added: ‘Sadly construction deaths are likely to rise in future. After every previous recession as the construction industry has recovered there has been a large increase in deaths.  Dangers increase due to the cutbacks from the Health and Safety Executive and the government’s attacks on safety laws.’


Source: TUC

LST Comment: ‘We echo Steve Murphy’s comments and strongly encourage all our clients and course candidates to recognise the legal obligations of adopting robust Safety Systems. These should be based on a Risk Assessment led approach; companies should train all levels of managements in the skills needed to conduct not only deliberate and generic risk assessment, but to understand the power of dynamic risk assessments and to be able to consider and react appropriately to the ever changing site or work place specifics.’


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