CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course

We don’t run many of these, however to get the opportunity was refreshing and encouraging. We delivered this one day course on an in house basis for a London based company on the 25 September 2012. Engagement was positive, lively and informative; with the candidate’s feedback being very positive. There was much discussion around PPE, Manual Handling and COSHH, all of which have many myths and misunderstandings; however it was pleasing to hear that all candidates had been inducted well into their company having demonstrated a reasonable understanding of the requirements. Well done to the company for their inducting staff.

We all know and probably loathe the obligatory site induction as it is now commonplace on many construction sites, few sessions however focus on the real issues that are present on their sites, and often the session turns into a generic H&S lesson.  We try to encourage a bespoke induction approach, which focuses on the real hazards that are present and the emergency drills required should there be a need.  If you are designing an induction session in the future, take the time to think about what is different here from any other site, what hazards are present that may not be elsewhere, what would staff be expected to do in an emergency etc etc.  Make it relevant and be positive in your delivery.


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