CITB Health & Safety Awareness Assisted Learning

We currently offer an Assisted Learning version of our CITB Health & Safety Awareness Course – Don’t feel like you’re drowning during training sessions

This course provides additional support and creates a supportive environment from the Tutor for candidates that have learning difficulties and who may struggle in a classroom based learning environment meaning they require special education support by providing alternative teaching methods.

We do this by incorporating simplified, easy to follow presentations, image led workbooks and a narrated exam with support and understanding from the tutor. Please note the content and expectations of the qualification is the same as the regular course.

Louise Collins our Trainer and Mental Health First Aider says:

“The assisted learning course has been designed to create a supported and inclusive environment for anyone who may feel a classroom is not the right place for them.
At Lighthouse we believe everyone should have access to high quality learning, be able to demonstrate and achieve learning no matter what abilities they have.
We believe everyone has the potential to excel given the right opportunity.”

Information on the course can be found here: https://www.lighthousesafety.co.uk/training-courses/citb-constructionskills-training-courses/health-safety-awareness-courses-assisted-learning-kent/

Call us on 01634 260634 for more information

Please feel free to print off our poster and display in offices and on site Download here: Lighthouse Safety Assisted Learning Poster


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For further information call Lighthouse: 01634 260 631 or email: [email protected]

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