Christmas Season

Yay Christmas season is only a stones throw away and I, as I’m sure a lot of you are, am looking forward to my favourite hobby (eating, drinking and being very merry with friends, family and co-workers).

Although this is the time we all look forward to we must make sure it works around our lives, please consider what you are doing not only when out having fun but what you have planned the following morning.

Research by road safety charity “Brake” found that one in five drivers admit to driving the morning after they drank a lot the night before.

While far fewer people are taking the risk of drink-driving at night, more are getting into their cars in the morning. Many without realising they could still be over the legal limit to drive.


How to tell if I can drive in the morning?

Whether it’s okay to drive the next morning depends on how much you’ve drunk – and if you’ve left enough time for your system to get rid of the alcohol.

Normally alcohol is removed from the blood at the rate of approximately one unit an hour; this does vary in different people. It can depend on your size and gender, as men tend to process alcohol quicker than women; how much food you’ve eaten; the state of your liver, and your metabolism (how quickly or slowly your body turns food into energy).

If you’re thinking about driving the morning after you’ve been drinking, it’s best to consider how much you had, how many units, and how late into the night it was before you finished your last drink.

Remember having an accident doesn’t just affect you; it affects your loved ones, possibly the other people involved and their loved ones.


Please DONT RUIN Christmas ENJOY it!

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