Changing Minds | Shaping Futures

Changing Minds | Shaping Futures

You may have seen our tag line on some of our webpages, social media and printed materials, you may have even wondered what it is about and what is behind the line itself.

Well, it is more than a tag line, its an attitude, a belief, the company ethos. A few years ago, whilst teaching we realised the importance of what we, as an organisation, do. The significance of our work, the impact that we can have not just on staff at work but everyone. We would be teaching a course, delivering an important safety message and often the response I would get on occasions would be “I am going to tell my brother about this!” or “I never knew this!”. So we realised that the words we use, the method of our delivery Change the Minds of my students and therefore Shape Their Futures.

We then started to wonder about who else we manage to Change the Minds of indirectly. We not only teach employees, but managers and directors. If we Change Their Mind, We also Shape the future of the people we manage.
But it is more than just our teaching, we offer consultancy advice to many clients across the UK.

All staff at Lighthouse are required, when speaking about H&S, to positively change the minds and the futures of the people they talk to.

Last year in total we Changed the Minds & Shaped the Futures of 14,429.

That H&S Advice didn’t just stop at those 14,429, they all have family or a significant other, they too are affected by our Changing Minds | Shaping Futures policy.

We take great pride in doing H&S right, sincerely and with passion, because we really believe we make a difference to Britain’s fantastic workforce.

Harry Collins & Stephen Laws

April 18, 2019 | Categories: News |
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