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HandS-On is HSE’s free-to-use service that allows you to view, manipulate, create and export tables from our injury and ill health data using a powerful analysis tool. It gives you direct access to the data.

If you are new to the data tool please visit the Help page.

Following the introduction of HandS-On in November 2010 and its subsequent evaluation; the HSE have developed the system to offer a wider range of access to the Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Earlier this month the system was updated to include this wider access, which covers 3 distinct areas:

  1. Ability for a user to view all injury data and those resulting in an ‘over 3-day’ and ‘over 7-day’ absence.
  2. Ability for a user to see pooled data in tables – expanding on the current single and 3 year averaged data to now also allow for 5 and 7 year averaged data.
  3. Ability to generate injury tables based on specific injury types e.g. fractures, burns or kinds of accident e.g. slips/trips.

The inclusion of larger pooled datasets and all injury data means we have a bigger dataset for workplace injuries. This allows for the drilling down to greater levels of detail e.g. industry and occupation.

To get you started, you can modify the pre-built injury tables by using the table filter, to see both ‘all injury’ data and those resulting in an ‘over 3-day’ and ‘over 7-day’ absence (try here).

If you go to the Advanced search you can also create a bespoke injury table to include either the new ‘Kind’ (slip, trip etc) or ‘Nature’ (fracture etc) dimensions. Or you can also go straight to the new prebuilt tables for Kind and Nature.

This Advanced search also gives you access to both the injury and ill health 5 and 7 year averaged data.

Results from the LFS, which is run by the Office for National Statistics, provides a comprehensive picture of work-related illness and workplace injuries, by a range of demographic and job-related factors. It is an essential source of regular outcome data.

This inclusion of larger pooled datasets, more detailed information about the types of workplace injury and the ability to explore over 7-day absence injuries, allows for a more flexible and detailed analysis to be performed directly through Hands-On.

Source: HSE

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