A Guide to CHAS Accreditation Levels including CHAS Elite

In the dynamic health and safety management landscape, CHAS accreditation has emerged as a gold standard. We uncover the advantages of CHAS accreditation, explore the different accreditation levels – CHAS Standard, CHAS Advanced, and CHAS Elite – and shed light on how Lighthouse Safety can be your guiding beacon in achieving these esteemed accreditations.

Advantages of CHAS Accreditation:

Credibility and Trust:

CHAS accreditation instils confidence in clients, stakeholders, and partners, showcasing your organisation’s commitment to high health and safety standards. It builds trust and credibility in a competitive market.

Competitive Edge:

CHAS-accredited organisations gain a competitive advantage in tendering processes. Many clients prioritise CHAS accreditation, considering it a reliable indicator of a contractor’s commitment to safety.

Legislative Compliance:

CHAS accreditation ensures your health and safety practices align with current legislative requirements. This not only reduces the risk of legal issues but also demonstrates a proactive approach to compliance.

Streamlined Procurement:

CHAS streamlines the procurement process. Accredited organisations are often preferred by clients, saving time and resources during pre-qualification assessments.

Enhanced Reputation:

CHAS accreditation contributes to a positive public image. It positions your organisation as one that prioritises the well-being of its workforce and stakeholders, enhancing your reputation in the industry.

CHAS Accreditation Levels:

CHAS Standard:

The entry-level accreditation, CHAS Standard, is a testament to an organisation’s adherence to fundamental health and safety practices. It demonstrates a commitment to legal compliance and essential risk management.


CHAS Advanced:

CHAS Advanced builds upon the foundations of the Standard level, incorporating additional criteria such as environmental management and equality policies. It signifies a higher level of commitment to comprehensive health and safety practices.


CHAS Elite:

Striving for Excellence:

CHAS Elite is the pinnacle of CHAS accreditation, designed for organisations that go above and beyond standard health and safety practices. It reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in health and safety management.

Extended Validation Period:

CHAS Elite offers a three-year validation period, providing accredited organisations with an extended timeframe for showcasing and maintaining their commitment to excellence.

Enhanced Recognition:

CHAS Elite is a mark of distinction, signifying to clients, partners, and industry peers that your organisation stands at the forefront of health and safety leadership.


How Lighthouse Safety Can Help You Achieve CHAS Accreditation:

Comprehensive Consultancy:

Lighthouse Safety provides comprehensive consultancy services tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our experts guide you through the entire accreditation process, ensuring that you meet the specific requirements for your chosen CHAS level.

Documentation Support:

We assist in preparing the necessary documentation, from policies and procedures to risk assessments and training records. Our support ensures that your documentation aligns seamlessly with CHAS requirements.

Training Programs:

Lighthouse Safety offers training programs and workshops designed to empower your team with the knowledge and skills required for successful CHAS accreditation. From risk management to legal compliance, our programs cover all crucial aspects.

Tailored Approach:

Recognising that each organisation is unique, our approach is tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with you to address gaps in your current health and safety management systems, ensuring a smooth path to accreditation.


CHAS accreditation is not just a badge; it’s a commitment to excellence in health and safety. With the guidance of Lighthouse Safety, achieving CHAS Standard, CHAS Advanced, or CHAS Elite becomes a strategic advantage that propels your organisation toward lasting success and recognition in the industry. Choose the path of excellence, and let Lighthouse Safety be your partner in this transformative journey. Contact our helpful team to discuss how we can assist you obtaining your CHAS accreditation.

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