SEATS? What on earth is it?

SEATS – Site Environmental Awareness Training by CITB.

Good news!!! LIGHTHOUSE can now deliver this course, but what is it?

Well, the environmental scene right now in the UK is really starting to take pace. We as a country are under a lot of international pressure to improve our environmental standards. Not to mention the ethical dilemma too.

Too many people jump on the “moan” band wagon about great crested newts, or bats and badgers without really knowing why they are an issue.

Clients are really pushing hard for more awareness and better controls and this course suits that bill.  The course provides an introduction to environmental issues on construction sites.


  • Suitable for staff with management or supervisory responsibilities.
  • Meets the basic environmental knowledge that the sub-contract chain are required to prove to major contractors.
  • Covers the environmental aspects of the new touch-screen Health, Safety and Environment test.
  • Learn via classroom-based tutorials and case studies.


 You’ll understand how each of the following issues affects work on construction sites:

  • Best practice techniques and legal compliance
  • The environment and why it matters
  • Environmental management systems
  • Waste management
  • Pollution prevention and water management
  • How to be a good neighbour: statutory nuisance, communication, archaeology and heritage
  • Energy and resources
  • Being a responsible contractor

Each session ends with key do’s and don’ts, plus sources of further information.

The course is up and running so please do enquire at head office for dates, availability and prices.

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