10 Steps you can take to help from falls from vehicles at your site or depot

Falls from vehicles continue to injure and kill far too many people in the working environment, we have listed below some simple precautions that may assist in managing the risk.

  1. Agree safe ways of loading and unloading to minimise the amount of time workers have to spend on the vehicle loading area.
  2. Carry out regular checks on the condition of equipment such as steps and catwalks. Falls occur when the steps or catwalk have failed.
  3. Provide drivers with a system for reporting faults related to access equipment on their vehicles and check they use the system. Make sure faults are repaired quickly.
  4. Provide adequate lighting in depots and on the vehicles where work is carried out.
  5. Poor lighting will hide trip and slip hazards. Keep vehicle beds and catwalks tidy to help prevent trips and slips.
  6. Provide safe vehicle washing facilities and make sure they are used. Diesel, grease or mud increases the likelihood of slipping on the catwalk, steps or load area.
  7. Provide steps, gantries and platforms where work at height is unavoidable for loading and unloading or maintenance and cleaning.
  8. Provide suitable slip-resistant footwear for drivers.
  9. Give drivers a ‘toolbox talk’ on how to avoid falls and provide refresher sessions at regular intervals.
  10. Check to ensure that fall precautions are actually taken.


June 13, 2011 | Categories: Lighthouse Blog |
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